Indulge in the artistry of Ren Vodka, where passion and tradition converge to produce a spirit that transcends the ordinary. Distilled with precision from 100% corn grain, our vodka weaves a tapestry of delicate citrus notes entwined with the sweetness of corn, delivering a captivating flavor profile that is distinctly Ren.

Central to our craft is an unwavering commitment to excellence. Ren Vodka is meticulously crafted using Canadian corn and pristine water from the Niagara region. Guided by our Master Distiller, hailing from the esteemed winemaking traditions of Italy, each drop is infused with a legacy of expertise and sophistication.

Ren Vodka is not merely a vodka; it’s a testament to craftsmanship. Employing a unique blend of spirit and grappa distilling techniques, every bottle encapsulates a journey of refinement. With every sip, savor a finish that harmoniously combines boldness and smoothness, creating an enduring impression on the palate.

Vodka Reborn

Instead of searching for a refined vodka, we decided to make one. The name means “to be reborn” and REN is just that – a rebirth and reimagining of one of the world’s oldest spirits. Ren changes the way people experience vodka, no need for dilution, no need for chase. Those who drink vodka deserve better and those who don’t deserve another chance.

Made In Canada

Presenting vodka in its purest form, meticulously crafted from Canadian corn and pristine water sourced from the abundant freshwater reservoirs of the Niagara region in Ontario. The region’s renowned water quality serves as a foundation for our vodka, further refined through a rigorous quadruple charcoal filtration process, ensuring the removal of any remaining impurities and enhancing the vodka’s incomparable smoothness.